CellStore Software's Blog is Finally Live

Hi I’m Alvin, founder of CellStore Software.
As a cell shopowner, you face real problems running, managing, and growing your business. Your shop is an important part of your life and your community. You provide valuable services to customers, and your business supports your local economy and the families of the staff that you employ.

Your days are busy. From the time you start in the morning until your close your doors at night, you move, serve, inform, teach, fix, help, count, market, file, and more.Running your store is the most important thing you’ll do most days. And when you are home or with friends, your cell shop is with you. You are thinking about how to bring in more customers, how to improve your services, and how to sell more.
Everything stated above describes how I was when I started my cell shop in 2002.
I started out knowing a lot about phones but not much about the business. I kept inventory on spreadsheets, starting with Microsoft Excel and then Google Docs. The manual systems I set up worked until we started to grow. As the systems failed, I got busier, our service suffered, and my stress increased. It was at this point I almost gave up and seriously considered closing.
In 2006, I started my search to find a solution to help my cell shop, and when I found nothing, I started building our first inventory management system.
CellStore Software is the product I wish I had 13 years ago with point of sale, inventory management, repair ticketing, customer management, and more. Everything is connected, all built to meet the needs of growing cellular repair and retail stores.
To learn how you can employ CellStore Software in your shop, visit our homepage
I hope you will join me and CellStore as we look to help and empower owners like you. Your work is important. We recognize your work and we want to support you.
To your success,