CellStore Software Visits the Canadian Wireless Trade Show

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On October 28th and 29th, CellStore Software completed another first. Weshowcased our services at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show. This was our first trade show. The days leading up to the 28th were full of pamphlet printing and designing banners. Alvin (co-founder) was our lone representative at the event.

The Canadian Wireless Trade Show is Canada’s premiere wireless trade show. Wireless professionals from around the Canadian industry, and abroad, travelled to the Toronto Congress Center for the two-day event. Day one coincided with the worst rainstorm of the year but the show was still well attended.
Attending trade shows was something that we had avoided in the past, since we chose to work on improving our product. However, the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the Greater Toronto Area’s best cell phone retailers, cell phone repair shops, and wholesalers was too good to miss.
When asked how the event fared Alvin responded:
“We are lucky to be working on real problems facing cell shops and their owners. Sometimes, I forget how important a solution we are bringing to store owners. This show was a great opportunity to reconnect with our clients and feel the issues our prospective customers still encounter on a daily basis. The first day was busy, full of conversations, and learnings, I missed lunch! I’m really fired up and looking forward to help more owners grow faster while reducing their overall work with CellStore Software.”

The day was spent speaking with and listening to the daily experiences of cell phone repair owners, cell phone retail shop owners, and cellular wholesalers. We met current clients as well.
We gave out a tonne of product fliers and exchanged a lot of e-mail addresses. Although the show occurred a month ago, we are still receiving calls and new sign-ups from the event. When asked if he would attend other similar events, Alvin’s comment was “absolutely.”
Coming from the show, one of the bigger messages that we received was that the repair module needed some additional features to meet the needs of bigger operations. This message was heard and we have made that a primary development priority for November. Another feature that we have pushed to the front of our product development efforts based on comments is multistore functionality.
So with this show being a success, be on the lookout for us at other regional shows and look for us to return to the Canadian Wireless Trade Show next October in Toronto.
If you are an owner of a cell shop and would like to learn more about our cell shop POS, inventory management, and store management features, please visit us online at www.cellstore.co and connect with us. We would love to see if our tools are a good fit with your cell phone shop.
To your success,
Staff –
CellStore Software Inc.