How Much Should Cell Shop Software Cost?

How can you offer CellStore’s services at such reasonable prices? I getasked this question daily by cellphone shop owners. In this short article, I will answer that question and clarify how much the software to run a cell shop should cost.

So let’s get started.
Software that offers POS, repair ticketing, and reporting in today’s market can vary widely in their prices. Most software solutions will range between $500 and $2500/year.  Of course, depending on other variables like how many stores you have and the number of employees, that price can actually range higher.
So what is a fair price?
Well, the answer to this question will vary from owner to owner and store to store.  However, this is true for most situations. Your investment in software should increase your sales and profits, increase your customer’s satisfaction, increase your staffs’ productivity, and free up your valuable time to focus on the important matter of growing your business.
So why is there such a wide range in prices for good cell phone store software? These are the common costs that companies who develop software face:  

  • Good software takes smart/talented people to create it.
  • Software development is never finished.
  • Customer support costs money.
  • Software companies need to make profit too.

With the above expenses, you may agree that building software for cellular stores is hard and expensive. I disagree.
The reality is that it has never been easier to build software. Tools and frameworks that save time are everywhere. The cost to create and host cloud-based services has never been lower. Well-designed software reduces support costs. Although profits are important, they don’t have to be outrageous.
CellStore’s pricing model is different!
Our low prices help us to attract customers. Instead of spending money on expensive and inefficient advertising, our pricing model lowers our cost to find customers.
Instead of charging for basic services, we opted to provide the main tools for free. This allows you to get to know and like us. When you are ready to do more higher-value activities (like link an ecommerce site your inventory or want detailed reporting on the efficiency of your repair staff), we offer optional premium services that meet your needs.
Best of all, our cell store owners tell us they love our model.
To your success,