10 Key Benefits Owners Like You Should Look for When Considering Software for Your Cell Phone Repair and Retail Shop

You are a cell shop owner and you are considering addingsoftware to your store. Below is a list of 10 key benefits that you should look for in your solution:

  1. Your customers should feel more connected to youThe right software will allow you to interact with your customers in ways not possible before. Your customers will see and feel the difference when you have systems that put them first, value their purchase history, process their requests quickly, value their time, and show that you value their privacy:
    1. Email receipts is a more convenient option for your customers who know that their purchase records are safely stored in their email inbox.
    2. Show that you value their feedback by automatically sending key customers a survey where they share their rate your service and staff. These details are stored to that customer’s profile and you can be alerted when feedback is less than satisfactory.
    3. No receipt? No problem!  Your system will keep receipts stored for as long as you specify.
  1. Easily increase your profitsGood software will not only help organize your cell phone shop, but will allow you new ways to increase your profits. Selling warranties on your phone sales and repairs is one of the easiest ways to increase your profits. However, without good systems to manage the sale details, customer details, and associated equipment (IMEIs and serial numbers), the work required to managing warranty systems manually takes too much work.Also in some areas, the law mandates that these programs be properly managed. With CellStore, the details you require to run your store’s warranty program are included and easily set up.
  1. Know exactly what to offer to your existing customersTarget marketing campaigns directly to the right customers will increase their response rate. When you want to reach out to all customers who purchased or had their iPhone repaired within the last year to offer a great deal on charging and power accessories, you can quickly create that list and engage them.
  2. Save time understanding your inventoryIf you are currently using spreadsheets or generic inventory tools like QuickBooks to manage your phone inventory, you may be spending too much time recording, updating, and managing your inventory. Also by having systems that are not connected (e.g., your sales process, customer database, and inventory), you are losing out on valuable data, increasing the chances of errors, and most likely just don’t track valuable data points.
  3. Happier customersYour customers are busier than ever. Today’s customers appreciate businesses that respect and value their time. The faster you are able to assist, find past purchases, reference past repair tickets, and complete exchanges, the more likely they are to return to your establishment and refer your shop to their friends, family, and colleagues.
  4. Easier service decisionsSometimes, you have to make the tough decision to authorize a customer-focused repair or exchange or warranty issue that will cost you money. Although never easy, these decisions are made easier when you can quickly glance at the customer’s purchase record and see how much money they spent with your store in the past year.
  5. Better staffNot all staff are created equally. Your cell store software provide you with the performance of each of your staff.  Not only is this information great for general value, but you can identify where each member is deficient and where you may need to add training.
  6. Stop running out of stockConnecting your inventory with sales and repairs will ensure that your inventory is accurate. Setting up low inventory alerts on each inventory item will allow you to know when you need to reorder new inventory.
  7. Reduce paper everywhereIf you are printing and storing each receipt, each repair ticket, and each purchase order, there is a good chance that your store has paper in filing cabinets, in folders on counters, and everywhere.  It is important to store these details for your records and accounting purposes, but managing paper will slow your ability to assist customers and will consume your valuable time. A good system will capture the important records in digital format for your easy access.
  8. Sell more on demandWe all have them, days when very few customers walk through the doors. Usually, there is very little we can do about them. You can post new ads to the classified ad site and get caught up on unfinished work. With each sale, your system should be capturing your customer contact details. Not only does this offer a better customer experience, by organizing their records, but each sale builds your marketing contact list. This list will help you inform customers when you have sales and new products and turn a slow day into a profitable one

The benefits mentioned in this article are benefits owners should receive from your cell phone store software. Not only should these benefits be available in the software you are considering, they should also be easy to set up and configure. We at CellStore Software have spent countless hours discussing, arguing, and designing features that you will find beneficial but also are easy to use and implement in your store.
If you are in the market for software to assist you in running your cell phone retail or repair shop, consider using CellStore Software. We’ve packed POS, inventory management, customer management, repair ticketing, and more into an easy-to-use and implement package built for cell store owners.
For more information and to set up your always-free account, please visit http://www.cellstore.co today.
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