6 Reasons Your Cell Phone Shop Should Invest in a Point of Sale and Inventory System!

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As the owner of an independent cell phone shop you understand the difficulties managing inventory. Thankfully there are now retail management systems, built for cell phone retail and repair stores, that are fully integrated to specific business needs. This brief article reviews 6 main reasons you should look to invest in a POS and inventory system.

The right Point of Sale software can allow you to operate a profitable company, control your overhead costs, and increase your sales.  The best POS systems for cell phone store owners will include tools for managing your key business activities like phone sales, repairs, IMEI tracking, customer management, and inventory management. With these key activities captured in one system your business will be streamlined and you can track customers, inventory, improve your purchasing decisions, lower your company’s costs, and increase your company’s bottom line.

6 Reasons you should invest in a point of sale and inventory system for your cellular shop:

Grow Your Business

Confidence is a critical factor when customers decide where to spend their money.  A store that is powered by strong systems, who can provide a professional invoice, repair quote and ticket, who can quickly inform a customer whether a product is available or not quickly earns a customer’s confidence. Intuitively, a customer knows that a store with an owner who takes the time to implement strong systems will also take the time to take care of them too.   Good systems will alert you when products are low stock, product reports which inform you of your top products, communicate promotions to past customers, add high value services like paid warranties, and more.  These are the important information and tools required to grow your business.

Control Your Information (Reduce paper)

Your would be surprised by the amount of information your store produces.  Every sale, return, product purchase, repair, client, sales person, IMEI, and part, all contribute important to your store’s data warehouse. The right POS and Inventory Management system will store and track every piece of information your business needs to survive and thrive.  As an owner, you need all of this valuable data to be stored in one place, and in a way each piece of information is connect together.

Various reports allow you to tap into your data providing you with valuable insights instantly.  Good systems will also allow you to share or export data into third party applications such as Microsoft Excel giving you maximum control over your data.

Reduce Errors

Good POS systems will streamline point of sale entries which reduces errors. You can look up records pertaining to customers, vendors, or inventory in just moments.  A good system built for cellular stores should be able to tell you if an IMEI was entered incorrectly, if a product being returned is within your warranty, and whether your repair technicians are effective based on customers returning with issues.

Streamline Programs and Software

Running a cellphone business is time consuming.  If you are using multiple programs or software to manage your POS, inventory, customers, and repair tickets, there is a good change you are spending more time on operations that with actual clients.  The best POS systems do more than just allow you to take payments.  In a world where everything is connected (invoices connected to customers connected to repair tickets connected to IMEI’s) you need a system that can tie all of your store activities together.  Another benefit of streamlined software is that you can easily generate reports that contains all of the information you need to make better decisions.

Website Integration

Do have a website?  Would you like to sell products to your customers online?  Would like customers to submit repair queries to you from your website?

What do these questions have to do with a POS?  Today’s POS services can do much more than many cell phone store owners can imagine.  More advanced services will allow you to easily create a website populated with the products that you currently have in stock.  When a product sells in-store or online, the inventory is adjusted accordingly.  For owners who would like to offer online repair quotes and services, advanced POS services will allow you to easily create forms that will capture user comments and reduce the amount of information required in-store.

Security and Auditability

Without good software it can be difficult to tell exactly what is going on in your store.  Good POS systems will allow you to know which staff were involved in activities.  Now you can easily determine which salesperson sold what product, which of your repair staff was responsible for a specific repair, and which devices were purchased from any of your suppliers.  Having this data available at your fingertips will allow you take more control over your operation.

Security is important.  Top POS and retail management systems for cellular stores will use the latest security technologies to secure your data.  Technologies like SSL TLS, audit logs, and user session time-out intervals apply bank-grade security to your organization.

Software and POS systems for cell phone stores have become power tools that smart owners use to manage and grow their businesses.  The right system will assist you in growing your business, help you control your information and reduce paper, minimize store errors, streamline your processes and data, allow you to build an online presence, and keep you important data safe and secure.

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CellStore Software is a free POS, Repair Ticketing, Inventory Management system for cellular shop owners. Visit https://www.cellstore.co/