System Update – May 10 2016

During the past months we have been releasing updates packed withnew features and process enhancements.  This week’s system update focused on under-the-hood system improvements.

This week we implemented:

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Introduced new international currencies

Our updates are driven by your requests, so continue to submit your comments and suggestions.
To your wireless success!
The CellStore Team

1 thought on “System Update – May 10 2016”

  1. Hello Cell Store Team,
    The POS is fantastic, it has everything a cell phone store would need. however there are three things which I would like to suggest, with which its going to be better than ever.
    1. Adding a ‘NOTE’ column on every regular sale, weather it be accessories or cell phone, as it gives us option to write any specific notes which we may want in the receipt. Like for example: the cell phone which we are selling does not have a working bluetooth, so in this scenario we can simply put it in the notes for better understanding.
    2. Cell phone Unlock module be separate , and not be in the repair module, this way at the end of the month it would be easier to see how many repairs and how many unlocking has been done separately in the reports.
    3. Adding this feature may require quite a bit of work, but, adding an option to send automatic sms to be sent once the repair has been completed or cell phone has been unlocked. and giving an option to send an email as a follow up with customers after 14days or 30days after a repair been done. like ” i hope everything is going great, let us know if we can help you with anything else”. this makes the customer feel special which would eventually help the business.
    P.S. : there are few online free SMS and free emailing sites which you can integrate with the POS to send SMS and emails.

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