System Update – May 17 2016

Upgrade Overview:
Tuesday May 17th 2016 at 10AM EST we completedan update of the CellStore platform.  Today’s update was a significant one as we completed a number of important system maintenance tasks.  In addition to the maintenance tasks, this upgrade included an enhancement to your reports.  


  1. Updated the rules around the selection of Sub-Domain names.  Now Sub-Domains must be a minimum of 5 characters long.  (ex.
    This will only affect new account sign-ups.
  2. New! Added Cost and Profit columns to popular reports. Now you can easily see the cost amounts and profit percentage on applicable reports including:
    1. Sales by Category
    2. Sales by Date
    3. Sales by Product
    4. Sales by Customer
  3. Many under the hood improvements, bug fixes, and minor enhancements.