System Update – June 15 2016

Upgrade Overview:
Wednesday June 15 2016 at 10AM EST we completedan update of the CellStore platform.  

Today’s update focused on the addition of new reports, updates to the repair module, and several minor enhancements.
New Features:

  • New Report Category called Inventory Reports
    • Two new reports: Inventory Value, Inventory Purchased
    • The new Inventory Value Report quicky supplies you with a grand total of your entire inventory. This report also displays each item that is in your inventory, it’s quantity, average cost, and the total value per product.
    • The new Inventory Purchased Report displays the total value of inventory added to your CellStore account during a user-defined period of time.

Enhancements Included:

  • In modules where there are user options to select a Salesman or Technician, the system will automatically populate those fields with the current users’ name.  See this feature in the Repair and POS modules
  • When closing PO’s you will receive a warning alerting you that closed PO’s can not be edited.
  • In the Repairs Module, we have removed the quotes tab.  Any quotes that you created previously have been stored in the Notes section at the bottom of the repair section.

To your wireless success.
The CellStore Team