5 Tips to Getting Started With a New POS, Repair Tracking and Inventory Software For Your Cell Phone Shop

Could your cell phone repair shop benefit from an integrated pointof sale, repair tracking and Inventory management software?  The answer seems obvious, however you would be surprised how many repair store owners have not taken the leap.

From my interactions with many cell store repair owners the number one reason that more owners have not pulled the trigger is time.  You are just too busy to make the change.  Too tired after a long week of work.  If you think implementing a new system may be stressful, you’d be right!
If you currently have an inventory management system, you would have start by adding all of your inventory into the new system.  If you don’t currently have an inventory
system, you’re faced with the task of organizing your inventory and then transferring them to the new system.  I’ve seen many owners and staff undertake this transition and very few looked forward to making it.  
Here are my tips to getting started with a new system.

  1. Spend some time prior to jumping in.  Every software program takes some time to figure out.  Things that you expect to work one way, works another.  You WILL have support questions!  Take a few days at home, or during slow periods at your store, to get used to the system.  Share any questions you have with support.  Become familiar on how to complete activities you do daily on the new repair system.  Very quickly you’ll find yourself becoming comfortable with the software and ready to implement.
  2. Get any missing equipment. There’s a good chance that your repair store doesn’t have all the tools and equipment you should.  The most productive shops have barcode scanners, label printers, standard or receipt printers.  If you don’t have all of the tools in place, now is your opportunity.  Replace any equipment that has stopped working. Ensure you’ve got labels purchased.  Take a little time and fix, install, and purchase any key pieces of equipment that would integrate with the new repair ticketing system.  This simple activity will enhance your experience with the new system, save you time, and make you feel in control.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. You’re familiar with the new software.  You’ve got the equipment ready to go.  It’s time for you to get started.  Pick a date, write it down, and commit to keeping it.  This is where many owners let themselves down.  They understand that they need the new repair ticketing system to help them take their business to the next level. They try out a new system, determine that it’s good and then do nothing.  It is so easy to keep doing things the way you are use to.  Don’t fall into this trap!  You need to break-through your current habits to take your business to the next level.  
  4. Sometimes you just can’t jump in.  There are always situations that would stop you from going all-in immediately.  Perhaps you just can’t find the time to upload all of your inventory.  In these situations, consider easing yourself in.  Pick a feature of the repair ticketing software and start using just that feature.  For example, using a system to manage repairs tickets but not inventory may allow you to start seeing some benefits now.  Start there and over time add more and more functionality.
  5. Just do it!  Adding your new inventory into the system will not be fun.  It never is.  But it eventually needs to get done.  Choose an “Input Inventory” afternoon or weekend and call a friend or staff to assist you.  Trying to update inventory during a working day can be extremely difficult, especially with the constant stops to assist customers.  Not to mention that your inventory is changing with each sale and repair.

As the owner of your cell phone repair store you understand that your business is yours to grow and nurture.  It is up to you to do the things that will increase your chances of being super successful.  Implementing that new repair ticketing system should reduce your stress, increase your profits, and free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.  So stop thinking about doing it.  Do it now.  You’ll thank yourself later for it.
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To your wireless success,