Improvements coming to the CellStore Software user interface!

Over the past couple of years, CellStore has added many newfeatures.  Over the next few months we will be working hard on making the application easier to navigate and reducing the time required to complete your daily tasks.  The changes highlighted in this post are the first part in a series of improvements that you will see in the next weeks and months.

Below is a summary of the changes that CellStore Software users will begin to see shortly.

  1. Simplified navigation
    • Gone are the navigation folders on the left-hand side of the application. Replacing the folders are links to your most commonly used modules.  All of your applications can now be found displayed on your application home page.  This will save you at least one or more clicks on your way to complete your regular activities.
  2. Updated icon images
    • We have updated the icons look and size.  The smaller icons will allow all of the icons to appear within your browser (on most devices).  Changing the color of the icon tile to a mature blue color with simple symbols gives the application a more mature look.  CellStore has grown a lot over the past few years and it is time that this application reflects our maturity.
  3. Gone is the settings cog
    • We have removed the settings cog icon from the top left hand of the application.  The settings menu can now be found within the tiles of icons on the home page.  In fact, we have split the settings into 3 different icons: Getting Started, Setup, Manage Data.  This update logically organizes the allowing you to find the activity you need faster.
  4. Preview
    • Please find a preview image below!
Updated CellStore Software user interface

All CellStore Software users will start to see these changes within the next weeks. We hope these changes improve your CellStore Software experience!
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