The Secret Software Powering Many Cell Phone Repair Franchise Businesses

Growth In The Cell Phone Repair Industry

With the explosion inpopularity of smartphones, their value as key communications devices, their high price points (at the higher end), and the fact that they are prone to break under everyday conditions cell phone repair stores have become one of the fastest growing retail opportunities.

According to IBIS World 2016, the cell phone repair industry recorded annual revenue of $3.6 Billion growing at a rate of 3.1%.
Where there were some early franchise entrants into the cell phone repair franchise model, like CPR Cell Phone Repair in 2007, most of the industry comprised of independent repair operations and some regional operations until recently.
Since 2012, franchises dedicated to mobile device repairs have increased dramatically.  Much of this growth has come from successful independent shop owners venturing into the franchise business space, however regional suppliers/wholesalers have also joined see this as an opportunity to increase their distribution and bottom line.

It’s Hard, Expensive & Risky To Build Store Software From Scratch

Problems faced by today’s cell phone repair franchise opportunities are numerous.  Repair franchises by their nature need to add value to their franchisees in key areas including operational and technical training, product and service diversity, discounted parts and device programs, lead generation programs and systems, operational technologies and more.
Time after time we have seen repair franchise operations do fantastic jobs putting together the many different key areas only to come up short with operational systems.   In most cases, the operational systems provided to franchisees include a many different systems and processes to manage retail invoicing, repair tracking, employee management, inventory management, and reporting.  The results in many cases is the manual tabulation and communications of store activities to the franchiser at the end of each business day.
Inefficient stores systems introduces risk to the success of the franchisee and ultimately to the overall success of the franchise operation.
The most common reason for poor in-store systems is that the skill, engineering, and development teams required to create a specialized system would take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.  And even with this investment there is no guarantee that the system would be 100% successful in the store environment.

Franchise Operations Can Now Add Repair Store Systems Quickly

CellStore Software’s cell phone retail and repair platform allows cell phone repair franchises to quickly add a mature store operations toolset designed specifically for cell phone repair businesses.
Partnering with CellStore allows smart cell phone repair franchisors to add an experienced and responsive team and add systems that currently supports hundreds of smartphone repair operations worldwide.
One of the most key elements for cell phone repair franchises to partner with CellStore Software is for our team.  Our team understands cell phone and device repair systems, general retail business systems, accounting, program development, and more.  We’re also friendly and easy to get along with.

Some Benefits To Consider

Benefits of using CellStore Software’s invoicing and repair tracking services to repair franchises includes:

  • Not needing to build a solution from scratch
  • Not needing to cobble-together a solution of many different solutions
  • Reduction in time required to get a new franchisee setup from a systems perspective
  • A solution that was built specifically to support cell phone repair businesses
  • Process automation activities that will make your franchisees more successful and save them time
  • Electronic access to store activity without store manual effort
  • Dramatic reduction in paper within your franchisees operations
  • Ability to sell and manage warranty programs

Features Enjoyed By Cell Phone Repair Franchise Operations

Features included out of the box include:

  • Store invoicing and point of sale module
  • Repair tracking and ticketing module
  • The franchise central inventory skus instantly available to all franchisees
  • Contact customers automatically when repairs completed
  • Inventory management module
  • Sales management
  • Customer sales and repair history management module
  • Configurable device test checklists
  • Store reporting
  • more

Contact CellStore Software For More Information

Contact us to learn more about how you can quickly deploy store operations systems built specifically for your franchise business, increasing your franchisees chances for success, and increasing the total value you offer them.

The Conclusion

The Phone Repair industry continues to grow both in terms of sales revenue yearly and number of companies (independant, chain-stores, and franchises) involved.  Smart organizations are choosing in higher numbers to choose software solutions like CellStore Software retail and repair tracking platform to quickly deploy mature stores systems that are mature, easy to learn, and that delight store customers.
If you are interested in deploying CellStore Software as your store management platform for your franchise operation contact us, we would love to learn more about your needs.

To your wireless success,

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