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CellStore offers MORE value to owners of cell phone stores. Here’s why you should consider CellStore Software as an alternative to RepairShopr…

Hi Cell Phone Shop Owner,
Are you thinking about making the switch to CellStore Software, RepairShopr or another cloud-based cell phone repair and retail point of sale system
We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some information that will help you decide which repair tracking and POS option is best for you.
Below you’ll find info to help you compare CellStore Software to RepairShopr, including features, value of offerings, pricing and thoughts from current CellStore Software customers who, until recently were in the same shoes as you.
Let’s get started…

1. CellStore Software was created specifically for Cell Phone Repair and Retail shops like yours.

Many repair and point of sale software programs, like RepairShopr, were created for a different industry first and then adapted it for use in cell phone stores.  And while there are some common activities between bike repair, jewellery repair, and other repair shops, we believe that cell phone repair and retail stores operate differently.

CellStore Software was created to meet the specific needs of cell phone repair and retail store owners.  This cell phone store first approach means that with CellStore Software you get a system that works the way that you do, and you get workflows that closely mirror your in-store processes and activities.
Your CellStore Software account comes with all of the modules you require to run your shop including POS, Repairs, Invoices, Customers, Products and Inventory, Devices, Dashboards and Reports, Website, and more.
You’ll get awesome core features like simple automation, automatically contact customers to inform them that their repair is complete, and a simple to navigate interface.

2. CellStore Software doesn’t nickel and dime you on features (no nickel and diming).

Most POS and repair tracking systems for cell phone shops make it impossible for you to operate normally without being on their highest priced plans, RepairShopr is included in this list.
Let’s say you have 1 technician, well you need to be on their PRO plan.  Let’s say you sell 3 products or average 3 repairs a day, you’ll need to be on their PRO plan. You’ve got 2 locations… Pro plan.  Need to sell something through a point of sale… Pro plan.  You see the pattern.  If you do anything more that just dabbling around you’ll need the pro plan.
With CellStore Software, you don’t have to worry about adding staff and technicians. You get an unlimited number of staff and techs.  Do you process 40 invoices monthly, but plan to grow that to 140 with good marketing?  Don’t worry your plan won’t double in cost.
With CellStore you get everything you need for your store to grow and thrive, without the nickel and diming!
Again, yes that includes POS, Repair Tracking, Customer Management, Inventory Control, Reporting and more.

3. Owners who use CellStore Software do not need to use other software like Quickbooks.

As an owner, you’ve got a thousand things on the go at any time.  Ensuring your customers are happy, managing your staff, marketing your business…  You shouldn’t have to worry about logging into different systems to run your business.
Most other POS and repair tracking software are simply replacements to existing paper and spreadsheets systems. Meaning that they will capture what your sell and repair but you need other software like Quickbooks and others to reconcile your numbers.
CellStore Software is designed to not just capture your business transactions, it also is built on accounting principles allowing you to eliminate the added expense and hassle of software programs like Quickbooks.

4. CellStore Software is more affordable.

We believe that you should spend your money on growing your business, not running it.  That’s why we strive to give you the most value possible for the most affordable cost.

Let’s look at the annual cost to a cell phone store owner…

1 Store 3 Stores 10 Stores
CellStore Software $30/month $90/month $300/month
RepairShopr $99.99/month $299.97/month $999.90/month
Annual Savings $479.88/year $1,439.64/year $4,798.80/year

With CellStore you can invest your annual savings back into your business.

5. CellStore Software is here to help.

Our job is to be your partners in success.  We are committed to building tools and solutions that give your business the best opportunity to grow and thrive.
When asked, our owners will share that our customer service team is responsive and is always available to answer any questions that they have.

Message us any time by email or in your support portal for help.

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