Continued Applicaiton UI Improvements

Continuing on our updates from January, we are continuing to workhard on making the CellStore Software application easier to navigate and easier to use, allowing you to complete your daily tasks faster.

Below is a summer of user interface changes that you will see as of this current update:

  1. Help icon replaced

    • We replaced the old help icon with the text “Help”.  This change makes it easier for you to find assistance when needed.
  2. User settings & Logout moved

    • Your user name with the dropdown options for user settings and logout have been relocated to the right-hand side of the top navigation bar.  This is a standard position for user details and keeps us consistent with other web applications that you regularly use.
  3. Reduced icon widths

    • We’ve reduced the width of the left-hand navigation icons.  This gives you more space to view your important data.
  4. Updated navigation header

    • Now the top navigation spans the whole top of the application.  Giving companies with longer names more space – you know who you are 😉
  5. Sections added to homepage

    • New sections added to your homepage including video overviews, updates, and resources.  You application icons have been organized into the new modules section.  This makes better use of your homepage real estate.
  6. Please find a preview below:

We hope these changes improve your CellStore Software experience!
To your wireless success,