Cell Phone Repair Shop Owner's Top 10 POS Questions

You are own or manage a Cell Phone Repair Shop andyou need a POS and repair tracking system for your cell phone repair shop.  There are probably 1000 questions you need answering.  We’ve taken the top questions asked by prospective CellStore Software customers and made a top 10 list just for you.

Here you go…  These are the top questions asked by our users during their 14 day trial.

Can I use it with an iPad?

Yes. Our software will work on any device that has a browser so your iPad works just fine.  Our software uses whatever printers you have installed that your browser can see.  There are several ways people do this but the most common is google cloud print.

Can I use it with different hardware (receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner)?

Yes. Our software will supports popular receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and other hardware. The cash drawer will connect to your receipt printer and will open when the receipt printer sends the command to open the drawer.

Can I import my inventory?

Yes. We can import your products for you.  Once you have decided that you want to CellStore Software in your shop we can import your files.
We accept files in Excel, CSV, and TXT formats. Your inventory file should start from the first column and each row is for a single product.

Can I enter customer notes?

Yes. We do have a NOTES feature that allows you to add a internal (private) or public note in.

Can I take deposits?

Yes. Deposits and partial payments can be managed through the Orders module.

Do you support Multi-Stores or shops with different locations?

Yes. CellStore Software can support an unlimited number of shop locations. All locations can share the same product names and SKU. Other features includes:

  • Ability to transfer stock from one location to another location.
  • Keep individual product inventories for each location
  • Keep individual sales, expenses, and profits for each location
  • Have one common set of products and product skus across all locations
  • See which location has a specific item in stock
  • Manage staff for each location separately

Will CellStore Software integrate with websites?

Yes.  Your CellStore Software account comes with a website builder that enables you to share your inventory online. If you have an existing website you can use inline frames to load your CellStore website in your existing site.  We are also working on widgets that you can add to your website to display some information on it.

Can I import my customer base and history?

Yes. We can import your customers contact details such as name, address, phone number and other information.
No, we cannot import your customer purchase history.

Can we add vendors to inventory?

Yes. We do have “suppliers” for inventory which allows you to buy any product from any supplier.

Can we set up commissions for employees?

Yes, we have a very good commissions module.

Can I setup my local currency and language?

Yes.  In the “Getting Started” module you can select your local currency and language.  Currently we use Google Translate for language translation.

Can I setup different tax rates?

Yes.  Setup as many different tax rates as you need including retail rates, wholesale rates, VAT rates, 0% rates and more.  You can also create products that are tax inclusive.

We’re sure you still have more questions.  

If you have not done it yet, sign up for your free CellStore trial now.  Start your free trial of CellStore Software’s POS and Repair Tracker here .  Don’t forget to share any questions you still have.  If you’re looking for the best value point of sale (POS) and repair tracking software, CellStore Software should be your first choice.  CellStore Software empowers hundreds of cell phone repair and retail shop owners, just like you, everyday.
To your wireless success!